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Eostre Growth & Renewal Spell Kit

Eostre Growth & Renewal Spell Kit

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Personal growth and spiritual healing are key components for manifesting self awareness. Inspired by the G-dess Éostre (mostly associated with the holiday Ostara) Selkie Secrets has put together a candle magick spell kit to help you manifest healing and self direction to aid you on your spiritual journey of growth and awakening.  This kit can also be used for self love. 

Kit Includes:

-One 4” green candle for growth

-One consecrated biodegradable packet of Eostre incense 

-One toothpick for carving your own sigil(s)/ runes/ symbols

-One Packet of honey

-Eostre Blessing/prayer


How to carve and dress your candle:

1. Create sigil/ bindrune or have one on hand that you’d like to manifest. (Check out our instagram on how to create your own sigils!)

2. Use toothpick to carve sigil/bindrune, symbols into candle. Start from the top of the candle and work your way down pulling towards yourself. Then add any small details or horizontal lines/patterns. 

3. Coat your candle in honey. You dont need too much, just enough for a light layer.

4. On a flat surface (plate, flat rock, even your hand, etc) pour incense out and then roll honeyed candle in incense.

5. After candle has been dressed in honey and herbs, light the wick and cast your spells! Candle will burn for about 1 hr.

**Always remember to practice fire safety. Light candle in well ventilated space away from flammable objects.**



🧚🏽‍♀️The bulk of this spell is carnations for their healing capacity, pine for banishment and clementine for self direction...🌹