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Full Moon Blessings Candle Kit

Full Moon Blessings Candle Kit

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Cast your full moon intentions with this complete candle magick kit. Great for on the go casting and stocking stuffers. The Full Moon Kit includes everything you’ll need to carve and dress your candle for the full moon including our special blend of full moon incense 100% bruja made. Our handmade incense is made up of all organic materials such as (but not limited to) cinnamon, star anise, rosemary and sage(homegrown) to bring you blessings of prosperity and good fortune. Can also be used for cleansing and protection rituals. All materials are ethically sourced.

Kit Includes:

-One 4” white candle 

-One consecrated biodegradable packet of Full Moon incense 

-One toothpick for carving your own sigil(s)/ runes/ symbols

-One Packet of honey


How to carve and dress your candle:

1. Create sigil/ bindrune or have one on hand that you’d like to manifest. (Check out our instagram on how to create your own sigils!)

2. Use toothpick to carve sigil/bindrune, symbols into candle. Start from the top of the candle and work your way down pulling towards yourself. Then add any small details or horizontal lines/patterns. 

3. Coat your candle in honey. You dont need too much, just enough for a light layer.

4. On a flat surface (plate, flat rock, even your hand, etc) pour incense out and then roll honeyed candle in incense.

5. After candle has been dressed in honey and herbs, light the wick and cast your spells! Candle will burn for about 1 hr.

**Always remember to practice fire safety. Light candle in well ventilated space away from flammable objects.**