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Njords Sands Salt Scrub Soap

Njords Sands Salt Scrub Soap

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It’s a soap, its a body scrub... it’s both! And its vegan!

Njords Sands is a fresh scented soap and salt scrub that appears in crumbles. It’s fun to play with, shape with your hands and can be best described as moon sand. This spa scrub will help balance the natural oils of your skin, detoxify, and reduce acne and inflammation, as well as leave you silky smooth as the salt scrubs away dead skin and buffs it to a soft glow. Made with all natural organic ingredients  and beneficial materials such as castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil. 

Scented with blood orange, clary sage and a hint of musk for a fresh uplifting feeling.


comes in a 5oz reusable jar