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Rån, Queen of the Deep Face Mask
Rån, Queen of the Deep Face Mask

Rån, Queen of the Deep Face Mask

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Vegan. Nut Free. Organic. Cruelty Free.


Inspire your inner siren with the magick of the sea. This Seaweed and Sea clay face mask is full of skin loving ingredients. Cooling your skin while it works it's restorative magick this mask stimulates circulation and collagen production, regenerates skin cells, smoothes and prevents wrinkles, and evens skin tone and diminishes skin imperfections. The clay base absorbs excess oils, left over makeup and dirt, purifying and cleansing the skin while acting as a gentle exfoliant. For this mask we use ginger as an anti inflammatory to fight puffy skin and reduce redness!


Great for all skin types, made for sensitive skin.

How to use:

Apply even layer to clean dry skin. Best after cleansing. Wear this mask for 20-30mins or until dry then rinse off with warm water. There is no need to wash the face afterwards. Finish it off with the rest of your skin care routine and lock in moisture your favorite moisturizer.


Container is a reusable glass jar: 4oz

Comes with wooden reusable spoon for application.


Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions before or after purchase.


Due to the personal nature of this product Selkie Secrets cannot accept returns or exchanges.